The National Partnership for New Americans is discussing the anti-immigrant movement today and how to defend against their tactics. You can join them here:

Their speakers will expose the dangers posed by the modern anti-immigrant movement and highlight exciting new efforts to defeat them. This movement is manifested in an entire ecosystem of influential think tanks, litigating organizations, front groups purportedly representing progressive causes, a powerful media machine, and allied elected officials to undermine support for immigration reform while advancing anti-immigrant policies and inaccurate negative narratives about newcomers. Participants will learn about the origins and sources of support for this movement, as well as steps pro-immigrant advocates can take to diminish its effectiveness and reach.

Featuring speakers:

Lola Ibrahim – MIRRalliance

Hassan Ahmad – Immigration Attorney

Devin Burghart – Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights

Heidi Beirich – Global Project Against Hate and Extremism

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