The International Democracy Summit is TMDD’s main annual activity, bringing together dozens of leaders living in Europe and the US, but coming from around the world to facilitate mutual learning between leaders about innovative, successful and sustainable methods and to design and support joint actions. However, taking into account the COVID situation, the next TMDD Summit was planned to be at the end of 2021 in a hybrid way, so with physical and online participation, but due to funding and time constraints it was postponed to 2022.

Therefore, these pre-Summit events are aimed at being a warming for the TMDD alumni before the next Summit and a way to see which the needs of the alumni are, and to get to know the Support Group Network, the next TMDD Summit host.

Future Frequency Workshop – 1st December, 16pm – 19pm CET
Futures Frequency is a three-hour workshop method that combines future-oriented thinking with change-making. The workshop is composed of three parts: Challenging future scenarios, imagining a better future and actions needed to take to get to that future. Besides, this workshop will be about strategic communications, being the focus on “Narratives of Migration”.

This workshop requires full attention and participation, and participants will need a laptop or a computer to attend, as with the phone it will be difficult to be interactive. Participation does not require any pre-experience or pre-knowledge about future studies or approaches, it will be clearly guided.
Moreover, some pre-assignments will be sent to the participants so as to be in the right mood and set of mind for the workshop. In the end, this is supposed to be a fun event for providing some tools to approach challenges in the participant’s work.

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