The International Democracy Summit is TMDD’s main annual activity, bringing together dozens of leaders living in Europe and the US, but coming from around the world to facilitate mutual learning between leaders about innovative, successful and sustainable methods and to design and support joint actions. Since 2017, more than 170 migrant and refugee leaders have joined the TMDD network after participating in our annual Summit, hosted each year by one of our TMDD national members. These Democracy Summits enable TMDD to fulfill its goal for operating as a migrant-led network founded on the conviction that migrants must be able to organize themselves and to learn from each other in order to actively participate in US and European democracies.

Summit participants are also invited to join the network as TMDD alumni members. These have been our previous International Democracy Summits:


  • 2017


  • 2018


  • 2019

Helsinki (Online)

  • 2020

The TMDD Summits address topics in five tracks critical for building a migrant-led movement:

2018 Summit Video

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